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The GP Spheroid v4 was a work in progress since 2014 and it is finally here! It is made from EU certified 316 SS bars, the insulators are from PEEK type II, reinforced with glass fibres for stiffness and heat resistance. The O-rings are Viton® food grade quality, the drip tip is from PTFE and the 510 pin is 15+ microns silver plated brass.

GP Spheroid base  with GPin

The GP Spheroid v4 is the most complex and difficult atty we have ever created! The external simplicity and the small size hide this fact very well. In just 16 mm it offers 2 ways of function (Spheroid system or tank system), AFC, adjustable 510 connection, hybrid GPin connection, vitrually seamless, easiness of operation and quick maintenance. The precision machining is one class above the previous versions exactly like the GP Piccolo v4 and the GP PAPS v4!

GP Spheroid v4 base

Here are some observations from Qorax after his beta testing with the latest prototype of the GP Spheroid v4 which is a work in progress since last year. Many of them are mentioned in the video above.

1. The Chamber Cup size is perfect, it gives out amazing flavour with this size of chamber. Vapor production also is very good. You can see that with my second video ~ I made that video exactly for that purpose  so than people know that the spheroid V4 is a vapour chunker too!

2. Air-holes (both under the coil and the cyclops AFC on the base's outer) are perfect: I am able to Lung Inhale pretty fine with this new design. Thank you for that. With 2015 many vapers have moved on to DTL hits ~ so this will be appealing to 95% of the vapers today.

3. Very fit for Temp Control: The Spheroid V4's Centre Posts and 510 end is well constructed. I have no issues with connectivity during Ni200 coil builds. TC needs that. Good show there! Airflow is also fine, TC needs that too. Deck space is also sufficient to put a 0.12 Ohms coil there. No issues at all with 28 AWG pure Nickel, Thank you!

4. Sub-Ohm vaping ~ no Problem: I have put thru a 3 mm coil easily. It doesn't touch the ceiling of the chamber cup or the base. So, the design is perfect - no change needed. Great work there!

5. Juice Feed: The tank inner walls and the the outer of the chamber cup are well spaced. So, juice feed is a non-issue with the Spheroid V4. Even with chain-vaping the wicks get their juice continuously. Yes, with higher VG there is a little problem as I have indicated in point #3 above, but no issues at all in "with filler" mode. Fantastic designing work Team-GP!

6. Consumes less juice and near-Zero gunking: Wow! The Spheroid V4 is very thrifty with it's juice consumption. A tankfull easily runs thru a work day (filler-less mode and moderate vaping). I don't know how you achieved that - but it is just magic! Also, I find the coil & wick not gunking at all, unlike my other RTAs with the same juice (sweet RY4, Pillow Talk, Tiramisu and GVC). I am able to run 6 tanks with these juices ~ and 10 tank-fills with regular juices, without replacing the wick. WOW!

7. Build, materials, engravings, Fit & Finish: I don't need to elaborate I know, Fantastic!

8. Hybridise with Piccolo: Great! And that's an amazing design feat in this small space!

9. Chimney shaft ID is perfect. Good amount of vapour comes out of the mouthpiece keeping the flavour profile still intact. Marvellous! I am using a little 'open draw - wide bore' drip tip ~ and the vape satisfaction is superb.

It comes with a PTFE (teflon) drip tip, 12,5 mm length (shorty), 4 mm bore (about 4,8 mm at the top) and double O-rings for a snug fit.

The spare GPin adapter has a LUX GPin (+15 microns silver coated parts).

The spare 510 adapter has a +15 micron silver plated pin as well. If you plan to use it with 510 connection it is better to order it now with your unit or as a spare to match the finish of the unit.

The GP Spheroid v4 has no compatible parts with previous versions, because it is redesigned from scratch.

For the most flavorful vaping experience, we recommend 2,0 - 2,5 mm micro coils with a resistance around 1 Ohm.

The link below is about tips & tricks for GP® Series in ECF

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